Anything left in this world that is free

They say that there is hardly anything left in this world that is free. For instance, if you are hungry and want to eat, one of the things that you can do to appease your hunger is to cook, but then this means you have to buy the ingredients first if you forgot to stock your fridge or pantry. If by any chance however, cooking will take a lot of your energy, you can always go to a diner or a restaurant and order food.

how non-profits become engrossed

It’s easy to see how non-profits become engrossed in catering to donors, which may or may not be the best thing at all times, while if a company is ultra-engaged with its customers, it’s universally positive and helpful. Read more at in a new tab)


We are used to cleaning the outside house, but the most important house to clean is yourself – your own house – which we never do. (Marina Abramovic)

Do you agree?

If you can’t clean up after yourself.. There’s no need for you to mess things up.. And expect another person to clean up behind you.

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